Monday, October 19, 2009

Go Panasonic!

Apparently Panasonic is the company that offers the best work environment in Japan.

So congrats to them

Now if the only could make a manual for their products that humans on earth could understand instead of the current practice of writing manuals for space monkeys from Pluto, then the company could really become something!

Friday, October 16, 2009

One falls after another.

One big American company produces poor results after another. No longer can they produce the same earnings as before, instead the competition from China and India becomes better and better. With Chinese and Indian companies getting hand on experience in addition with, that their governments are pouring gazillions of dollars into their educational program to give their students a better chance of making it in the world, the Chindian companies can only get better and better.

Unlike that of the American policy of constantly cutting back in public schools to cut taxes the Chindian governments understand that not everyone with talent is necessarily born into a rich family.

It is my opinion that within a few decades almost all US companies will be out competed by their Chindian rivals who will be able to make better and cheaper products.

But that is just my two cents.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Bailout?

Will the US taxpayer yet again be forced to bailout another bank?

There is a possibility that Lehman Brothers Holding will be bailed out by the US government, to save yet another big bank from crashing and burning.

It appears that no one wants to buy the dying bank, so there are only 2 options left then, let it die, or force it on the taxpayer, and I think that the second option will prevail, no matter what anyone says.

It seems that it is ok to help big corporations and all those CEOs with their gazillion dollar bonuses must always be saved, but there is never such an effort made for the average Joe.

So the conclusion is simple, be a CEO with lots of bonuses and not an average Joe

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cash for Grades

A new test program will launch where students get paid for each good grade they get. An A gives 50 dollars a B gets 35 and a C 20.

I think it is a great idea, but some people think it is bad, that you are bribing kids to get good grades. But isn't that the whole point? Who cares how it enters their minds as long as it gets in there it is all good.

What I would like to see is the same thing but after every test. Each good result on a test should give the students money, I believe this is the best way to get the information from the books into the students mind.

Thats my 2 cents anyway

Tattoos for money

It appears that a Air New Zealand has figured out a new way to draw in customers. People can now get, for a commission, commercial tattoos on their head.

This sounds like an interesting idea, but it does require the living billboard to constantly shave is head unless of course he is a baldy.

I give the idea 2 thumbs up

Avoiding taxes is the whole point

The whole point of foreigners to invest in another country is to maximize their own profits and avoid taxes at home and at broad.

The US senate is only now waking up to the problem.

As always and everywhere on earth people in power are always soft on economic crime. It is as soon as you assume office then you turn a blind eye to criminal acts being committed by people who have the mula.

Is it too much to ask for equal and fair standing in the eyes of the law.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oil prices down... so far

Oil prices fell on Wednesdays trading even though the inventories are down, production will be cut and the hurricanes are doing their thing.

This of course means that oil prices are not only driven by supply and demand but by speculation as well.

Personally I think that prices will go up because consumption in china and India is growing, and will continue to grow because in both countries the government subsidies the price to encourage growth.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Will Lehman become Korean?

KDB the South Korean Bank might buy more than 25% of Lehman Brothers thereby giving KDB a controlling stake in the US bank.

So is this another government bail out of yet again a crashing US bank?

What ever happened to let the market fix itself and bad times are good for sorting out the weak from the strong.

Same old same old

In what ever country you reside in, one thing is always the same, the police are always soft on white collar crime.

Take Sweden for example where the financial inspectors have not once since 2005 used the ability to sanction a business for not following the rules.

This gives the same problem as in sports. Athletes who commit doping have an unfair advantages against athletes who play fair. And in business, companies who cheat and steal have an unfair advantage against companies who play by the rules

The bottom line is that as long as the economic police is soft in any nation fair and free business can never prosper.

Oil production cut, hardly a surprise

Only the most naive little school girl prancing around in her pink ballerina dress would think that OPEC would continue its current output or even increase.

The price has fallen, so of course they decrease output, to get more for each drop.
Prices were almost 150 dollars per barrel a month ago and I bet OPEC would be more than happy if they went up to 200 $

But OPEC might be fearing a promotion of democracy invasion so they did not cut production even more.

Congress to bailout Big Auto?

There is a possibility that the US congress will grant loans of 25 Billion $ to US automakers.

But since there is only about 3 weeks before congress goes on a 3 month vacation the loans might not be granted until January if ever.

But should the US tax payer bail out Big Auto?

Holy Crap!

Lehman shares fell 44,95% today. (Make explosion and crashing air plane noises here)

And I missed it, if only I had know, if you look back on Monday the stock was wort about 18 dollars a share and now it is worth 7,79 you can easily see that one could have made a killing if one had only known!

So the big wigs at Lehman Brothers Holding are planing on possibly releasing its third quarter earnings early, but this could of course backfire if the earnings are even worse than the market has expected.

Monday, September 8, 2008


The Sun-Sentinel in South Florida wrongly wrote that UAL had filed for bankruptcy, which forced the stock down 27%.

But UAL had not filed for bankruptcy, so I wonder If they will sue the paper?

Does this now open up for an economic plan. Open your own news paper release false information about a corporation buy their stock after it crashes and then smile all the way to the bank when the market corrects itself.

You only lose when you sell

Commercial properties have gone down in value on paper, but you do not feel the loss until you actually sell. So those who are owners just need to sit tight and wait, possibly for a very long time, until prices go up again. Only those who sell now in a panic will lose money.

But then again if prices never go up again and stay this low forever then everyone is in the sh*t

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ha what a lie!

“It's the resilience and flexibility of this economy that gives us the confidence that underlying all of this, it's fundamentally sound, and we think it will continue to grow in the third quarter," said Keith Hennessey who is the director of U.S. President George W. Bush's National Economic Council.

Could it have something to do with the fact that the dollar has dropped some 30% in value. So yes the economy might grow by some 0.0001% but the fact that the dollars is now way lower than one year ago means that the economy has actually fallen

Monday! Monday! Monday!

On Monday Monday Monday things will Happen Happen Happen

The DOW ended Friday on a small plus and the NASDAQ ended on a small minus and just because early in the morning things were going way down and later in the day things got a bit better does not mean markets have “rebound”
It would be better to say that the market stood still.

But none of that really matters because on MONDAY the 8th, the same day Terminator the Sarah Connor chronicles starts is season 2 premier, the market is gonna go way down, because it is almost certain that the US Government will bail out Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, and this will of course force a sell off of different stocks, mostly banking stocks because who knows, maybe other banks will get the same treatment.

So on Monday I believe that the markets will go way down, but perhaps this will be a sign that if you have enough money you will always be bailed out and the market will go up because the big boyz can't lose.

Get out and stay out!

People keep losing their homes.

I wonder where they all will go.

How many become trailer trash and how many become homeless and how many just die, no one knows because no one wants to know.

But it is all right as long as the big boyz keep bailing each other out then everything is A-OK.

So much for a free market

It appears that the free and open markets only apply to the small people of the world.

If you have friends in high places and you have lots of money then of course you should never lose your money, no, the taxpayer should help you and your business.

Will the company be freely turned over to private share holders once the tax payer has paid all the debt and fixed the company, so that the tax payer losses the most possible amount of money and the very few special friends gain the most amount of money

And will the share drop on Monday and if so is there not a possibility of making a killing by selling CFDs of Fannie and Freddy.